Finally... "Waze" for the slopes!

Snonav is the first true navigation app for skiers and boarders

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Route planning

Set your start and end points and Snonav will instantly give you the best and quickest route.

Live navigation

Live in-ear audio instructions at every turn means no more stopping to look at the map.

Group skiing

Share your location or a meet-up location and let Snonav guide everyone there.

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Set your preferences, plan your route, get in-ear turn-by-turn directions so you can navigate the mountain with ease and meet up with friends and family

plan your route
get directions
Set your preferences

Make the most of every ski day

Here are just some of the ways Snonav will revolutionize skiing

Accurate Routing

Routing technology designed specifically for skiing gives unparalleled reliability

Personalized Settings

Customize the app to your ability level and preferences

Live Resort Updates

Live lift and trail open/closed status

In-Ear Instructions

Put on your headphones and live audio will lead the way

Group Skiing

Share your location or set up a meet-up location

Offline Access

Full routing and navigation functionality even works offline

Remember when you used to navigate using a road map in your car?
How ridiculous does that seem now! It’s time skiing caught up.

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Snonav is the only true navigation app for skiers and boarders

And, it’s easy to use

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& Route

Make the Most
of Every Ski Day

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What they say

Routing and audio navigation is the holy grail for ski apps.

Ski Industry Veteran

Gives you the confidence to explore the resort.


Get to where you want to be, when you want to be there, and how you want to get there. Snonav maximises your skiing pleasure.


Particularly useful on the first fews days which are often wasted getting a feeling of the resort.

Live December 2020
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