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February 13, 2021

Snonav is the first skiing app available for your iPhone that is capable of bringing you Live navigation as you ski, think of it as the Waze for the slopes, you will discover a new way to enjoy your rides on your next ski trip.

Snonav ski tracker comes with many extra features. One of these is the ability for the user to watch a map of their location on a small screen. If the user is skiing on a "recordable" slope, this is called a handheld GPS. This is useful for skiers who need to keep track of where they are on the slopes. A computer-assisted ski tracker or an online ski tracker will give you the information that you need in order to be able to locate your way down the ski slope.

Another very useful feature is the ability for the rider to view their speed, distance, heart rate, as well as the speed and direction of the skiing stream. This makes it very convenient and allows the rider to make quick changes in direction if necessary or to recover if the trail becomes too steep. Live navigation is a great feature that only Snonav offers. This is where a skier can actually see exactly where he is in relation to the slope.

One of the nicest aspects of the modern sky tracker from Snonav is that is running on your phone and can hear the voice indications with the help of your earphones. This allows you to take Snonav for all your trips, whether with friends or families and enables them to Group skiing and share location or plan a meet up at a certain location guiding everyone there.

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The Ski tracker is the ideal device to aid in organizing your skiing holiday. If you're a keen skier then you'll love the way it allows you to keep track of any changes in the slopes, such as bumps or fallen trees, and also to see whether you can make another change onto your run. As a result, you can take a more relaxed approach to the day's proceedings, knowing that you've covered every possible turn, bumps, or other obstacles along the way. If you download the Snonav app now, you'll be able to use all of this data to plan your next trip. 

One of the most impressive aspects of the Snonav app is its ease of use. You simply load the data you want on your Phone, and it will send it to the track. It even works if you are offline, you can plan your tracks for the day and you have full offline access. 

With the in-ear instructions you have only to put on your headphone and the live audio will lead you on your full trip.

With the live resort updates, you can have always the right information at your hands like live lift and tracks status.

Ski Live Navigation - A Buyer's Guide

One of the most interesting aspects of ski travel is that of the ability to have a ski live navigation system onboard and use it to help you find your way around the mountain. A ski live navigation system (also known as a ski GPS) enables you to see in a simple to read format what direction you are pointing, which slopes to approach, and where to turn to get to that particular ski slope. Ski maps are used in ski schools all over the world to teach ski Instructors how to get their students to ski slopes in the most efficient manner possible. Once you have learned the basic skills of skiing and made it down to your first ski slope, the real fun can begin. Learning the basics of skiing and then applying the knowledge to finding the best slopes and using the various techniques for getting into the ideal skiing position can take some time, but it is well worth the effort once you have mastered the art.

One of the most important parts of skiing is knowing where you are going and this is especially important if you are a beginner. The importance of being able to find your way around the slopes cannot be stressed enough. It may seem relatively simple to look up a coordinate using a compass or a map, but you have to really pay attention to it when you are on skis. You really need to be able to determine where you are on the ski map because this will determine where you want to go. Knowing this can also save you a lot of trouble when it comes to getting into that perfect skiing position. If you don't know where you are at any given moment when you are on the slopes, chances are you won't stay put long enough to ski successfully and could easily end up missing your objective.

With ski live navigation systems onboard, you can quickly plot out the fastest and safest ways to reach any ski slope that you are interested in. The depth of the snow at any particular ski slope can make the difference between making it down to your starting line and falling off the edge. You also don't want to skid off into the middle of the road or worse, crash and wind up with a broken bone or two. Ski live navigation systems will keep you safe and secure as you move along the slopes in your ski boat.

Skiing isn't something you can teach someone how to do, and that is one of the main reasons that people can get injured. In addition, getting lost can actually be more dangerous than falling off the mountain! A ski navigation system can help you navigate through the various hazards on the mountain and can show you safe routes so that you don't find yourself going the wrong way.

One of the most common uses for ski live navigation is guiding people down a mountain in search of a particular ski slope. There is nothing more disappointing than trying to ski down a mountain and end up in a dead-end that is not visible from your starting line. If you're on a break or vacation and you want to ski down a ski slope without travel out of the way, a ski live navigation system can make it much easier to find the right route. The guide will show you all the places you can ski and all the best ways to get to any particular spot on the mountain.

With a ski guide, you can eliminate a lot of the risk involved in skiing down the slope. Even if you're an expert skier, it's still a good idea to let a professional ski live navigation guide you down the mountain; you'll be able to eliminate a lot of the risk of going the wrong way and feel much more confident about your own skills.

If you're taking a group of mature skiers up to a very difficult and steep slope, then a guide may be exactly what you need. No matter what kind of skiing you are doing or what kind of terrain you are climbing on, a good ski live navigation system is a great way to keep yourself safe and well-prepared.

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In essence, Ski Tracker and Live Navigation are both similar. They both allow you to set up your own personal map of where you are going to ski. The difference is that there are some additional features that Snonav offers that Ski trackers don’t have. For instance, you can set up 

Your preferences, plan your track and the turn by turn instructions by voice with your earphones so you can get to where you desire.

For the novice, Snonav is a great way to get started skiing. Even if you don't know how to ski before now, you can learn and improve your skiing technique with the help of Snonav, you can set up on your personalized settings like your ability level and preferences.

If you are a beginner and you don't know much about skiing tips or where to go during the winter, you should really consider the use of Snonav. You might be surprised by how much time you save just by using this tool. 

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